Mission Statement

Save the Grizzly Bear, Inc believes that the majestic grizzly bear is a valuable and worthy part of our wild natural heritage that deserves our protection. We believe that the best place for any bear is in the wild.  Unfortunately, there are some grizzly bears that cannot live in the wild and suffer extreme cruelty living in inadequate captive situations. At the same time we understand that grizzly bears can only survive in the wild in the future if the public takes an active interest in their preservation. Save the Grizzly Bear’s mission is three fold: 

  • To provide education to the public about grizzly bears in an effort to promote appreciation and preservation of the species in its natural habitat. By educating the public about proper bear etiquette we will reduce the amount of human-bear conflict.
  • To help place orphaned grizzly bear cubs in quality and enriching environments by working with licensed sanctuaries around the country. 
  • To help enrich the lives of the grizzly bears already in captive situations by raising/providing funds to help with medical bills, enclosure repairs and improvements, and enrichment programs. 

Support Our Cause

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization. Every donation makes a difference for a grizzly bear.